Dream Girl programs seek to promote opportunities for women and girls to dream big and fulfill their dreams through a variety of opportunities to learn, share, lead and develop strong relationships.

  • For girls, ages 12-18
  • A 10-week (Danielle-several references to 6-weeks in your materials, is it 6 or 10 weeks?) program meets two days per week (Danielle-also saw a reference to 1 day/week, 2 hours/day?)
  • Focuses on self-perception, self-esteem, community responsibility, relationship building, career and job readiness, and health and inner beauty.

Dream Kamp is all about empowering girls, ages 12-18, to make a difference in not only their lives but the lives of others.

  • For girls, ages 12-18
  • A 3-week program during the summer
  • Teaches girls to lead, accomplish their goals, follow their dreams; as well as encourage and empower other girls to achieve the same.


The Dream Keepers community offers practical business education for women, including skill-building sessions, personal and professional development, marketing and branding classes, networking and mentoring opportunities and social media exposure.

A variety of Happenings and Events are organized to facilitate building strong relationships for members and non-members..