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Mission & Vision

Our Mission:
To build positive relationships and provide opportunities to help women and girls develop and grow in multiple areas of their lives.

Our Vision:
To build a powerful global network of women and girls that are committed to building up the other in the form of collaboration, community and connection.


Dream Girls HBCU College Tour Program: The Dream Girls HBCU College Tour program takes the ‘College’ Curriculum topic to a much deeper level. This Program is structured for high school aged girls considering Higher education for their future.


Dream Kamp for Girls: Dream Kamp teaches the girls to lead, to encourage, and to empower other girls to believe in themselves, accomplish their goals, and follow their dreams. Dream Girls get inspired then leave with practical advice & tools to make their dreams a reality.

Dream Keepers Network: DK hosts Expo and networking events. These events allow DK members and business owners to showcase their business, skills, and talents; meet new and potential clients; and help market and brand their business.


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