The Why

At Dream Keepers we find that dreams to succeed in life are usually compromised by a lack of resources and support, finances and stability, education and training and inspiration and encouragement. This is further supported by the following statistics.

Women vs. Men in Labor Force (2016) (Department of Labor)

  • working age women
  • working-age men

Women with full-time jobs earnings as % compared to Caucasian Males (White House)

  • Latina Women
  • African American Women
  • Women
  • Men


On average, 30 percent of women who have been in a relationship report that they have experienced some form of physical or sexual violence by their partner. (WHO)

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We at Dream Keepers are proud to have enabled women and girls to begin fulfilling their dreams, to find positivity, happiness and inner beauty and to build strong relationships. Here is a sample of some of our accomplishments:

Our Accomplishments

Women Empowerment Workshop

Dream Keepers brought together over 100 women to network, showcase their businesses and participate in a Question & Answer session with celebrity guest speaker, Yandy Smith


2016 Dream Kamp

Dream Keepers brought three, one-week sessions to over 50 girls, ages 13-18, for lessons on self-esteem, life skills, job readiness, health and beauty. The girls still receive mentoring from Dream Keepers staff.

Dream Girls

Dream Girls program has served x girls over the past x years, inspiring their positivity, happiness and inner beauty.

Annual Outreach Initiative

Dream Girls volunteered their time and service to help eliminate poverty and hunger with the community during the Holiday season.

Annual Holiday Raffle

Dream Keepers raffled over $2,000 in marketing services to women in business. There are over 12 winners who walked away with a prize to use for their business marketing needs.

Power of Relationships Mixer

An Invite-Only event designed to give men and women business professionals the opportunity to move beyond networking to building solid, sustaining business relationships and resources.

Let’s Talk Business Mixer

A brunch event that provided a professional forum for like-minded women to openly and whole-heartedly talk about following their dreams. Our professional panelists shared their stories, successes and what it takes to start, brand and/or expand their business.

Action Board Mixer

Attendees joined us for an afternoon of action planning. After a discussion on the importance of setting goals that are realistic and attainable, attendees were provided with materials to create their very own action board.

Looking Forward to Our Future
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