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Mission & Vision

Our Mission:
To build positive relationships and provide opportunities to help women and girls develop and grow in multiple areas of their lives.

Our Vision:
To build a powerful global network of women and girls that are committed to building up the other in the form of collaboration, community and connection.


For girls ages 12-18, focuses on self-perception, self-esteem, community responsibility, relationship building, career and job readiness and health and inner beauty.


For girls ages 12-18, teaches girls to lead, accomplish their goals, follow their dreams; as well as encourage and empower other girls to achieve the same.


Dream Keepers community offers practical business education for women, including skill-building workshops, personal and professional development. 

A variety of Happenings and Events are organized to facilitate building strong relationships for members and non-members.

Testimonial by Rhema
Rhema LoveDream Keepers
I love the different networking opportunities that dreamskeepers bring to the city. It is a great platform for small business owners to be introduced to another and to support each other.
Jasmine ConleyDream Keepers
DreamKeepers Is One Of The Best Programs For Young Ladies!! This Organization Goes Above And Beyond To Make A Difference In Each Young Lady Life They Are Able To Be Apart Of!!
LaRia BrentDream Keepers
Dream keepers has an amazing staff who are dedicated to see change. They host events that are positive but still appealing to our youth and are supportive of other entrepreneurs.
Mona SlatenDream Keepers
Dreamkeepers motivates me when I need it the most and helps me recognize that my dreams still matter..thanks

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